Best Office Movers Auckland Can Supply Needed For Americas Cup in 2021

The Challenger series of the Americas cup will be held in January and February 2021 with the America’s Cup match in March. Auckland will need a lot of common services to lift their game ahead of this and one such sector is in moving . Auckland offers a lot of great moving services and companies like Marcus Furniture Mover who are suggesting we push to strive for a higher level of services when it comes to furniture movers Auckland needs because the America cup teams will bring with them containers full of important operating equipment and this will be need to be shifted across the city multiple times in some cases . The teams will set up houses for dozens of staff and their office locations at the viaduct will also need setting up and then pulling down and re packaging at the end of the campaign.

Auckland office and home moving companies are urged to work harder to make sure they offer the very best service needed

What do some of the top companies have to say about their services ?

For furniture Moving and full office moves

For offers free quotes for any office moving needs, from office shuffle between floors to large office building relocations our team of office furniture movers know how to move everything safely and securely and will offer great advice to make the move easy for your Auckland or North Shore business.

Moving Office ? Plan Ahead

The period of packing up and relocating your office will effectively be down-time for your business, with no work being done whilst you pack up your equipment and sort out the logistics. Many businesses realise this so think that the best thing to do is to leave the relocation process to the last minute, meaning the least amount of downtime possible for their employees.

Office Movers Service

In our case, it means we’ll be there on the day, taking personal responsibility for the care of every item.

If something isn’t going to plan, we’re there on the spot to make decisions.

That’s worth a lot!

Business moving is a specialised part of the removals industry and there are no second chances.  It needs to be done well, first time.

Our Pre-Move Planning Meeting

It’s really important that we’re all on the ‘same page’ — there is no room for misunderstandings.

That’s why we make sure to include a pre-move meeting with each job we do. Our planning meeting with you will decide:

  • Who is in control on the day?
  • We can manage the project entirely or work with your project manager.
  • Participation of other staff.
  • The timetable.
  • Any special packing &/or handling for special items.
  • Computer hardware. Arrangements for disconnection, reconnection and special handling.
  • Top references for office movers includes

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