There Are About to Be a Lot More Military Surplus Trucks for Sale

Boyce Equipment & Parts Co. is one of the largest re-builders of surplus military vehicles. We have built a reputation for quality in this specialized field during a period of over 50 years. Our “M” series trucks cannot be surpassed on jobs where maximum traction and power are required.​
Our complete shop facility is available for installing options, custom bodies, front and rear winches, “A” frames, hoists, fifth wheels and all our other types of truck equipment. We carry a complete stock of replacement parts and optional accessories to insure that we can tailor any “M” Series truck to meet your exact needs. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in contracting, logging, drilling, mining, farming, and other trades are proof of our commitment to supply maximum value for your dollar.

Another great thing about buying a military vehicle is that you are able to be fairly sure that the merchandise is in good shape.

It is possible to display your vehicle and meet other like-minded enthusiasts too. When it has to do with the sort of vehicle there are also rather several options that are available to you.

Surplus Military Trucks Sale

Having a military vehicle does not need to be expensive as there are lots of outlets where second-hand vehicles which are no longer utilized the service are sold. As said, there are plenty of military vehicles for sale that you can pick from. Military vehicles of all descriptions are stockpiled in the event of war.


1943 Wc 52

1943 Wc 52

WC-52 Truck, Cargo, 3/4 ton, 4×4 w/Winch Dodge (G502) Weapons Carriers were identical to the WC-51, but fitted with a Braden MU2 7,500 lb / 3 402 kg capacity winch at the front bumper. 59,114 built.

  • Length: 14 ft 9 in / 4,48 m
  • Height (with canvas cover): 6 ft 10 in / 2,08 m
  • Height (with top down): 5 ft 2 in / 1,57 m
  • Weight: 5,550 lb / 2 518 kg net
  • Width: 6 ft 11 in / 2,10 m
  • Payload: 1,750 lb / 800 kg
  • Tires 9.00 x 16 in., 8ply
  • Engine 6 cyl, in-line, L-head 99 hp (73 kWFor 

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